Today Favorites

There’s always more to adore at 03 S I G N A T U R E I T E M 870 ULTRA THIN EXTRA TOPPING Cheese Lovers 11” TOPPING EXTRA ULTRAFINO Amantes del queso 11“ Our NEW thin crispy crust topped with our special zesty sauce loaded with REAL mozzarella, romano and asiago cheeses. An extra cheesy, kid approved favorite. (21.5 oz.) USA-Made 871 ULTRA THIN EXTRA TOPPING Pepperoni Pizza 11” TOPPING EXTRA ULTRAFINO Pizza de pepperoni 11“ 36% of all pizzas ordered in America are pepperoni. Our thin crispy crust is made with America’s favorite topping and extra cheese on our zesty sauce. Guaranteed to be a family favorite! (24.8 oz.) USA-Made 872 ULTRA THIN EXTRA TOPPING Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza 11” TOPPING EXTRA ULTRAFINO Pizza de salchicha y pepperoni 11“ Thin crispy crust, sausage, pepperoni and extra real mozzarella cheese are paired for a combo-licious party in your mouth. (26 oz.) USA-Made 874 ULTRA THIN EXTRA TOPPING Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza 11” ULTRA delgada EXTRA TOPPING ajo pollo Alfredo pizza 11 “ Our thin crispy crust, creamy alfredo sauce, marinated chicken and extra real mozzarella cheese is the definition of tasty! (21.5 oz. ) USA-Made 874 872 870 871

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