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ONLY AVAILABLE HERE Enjoy a nutrient boosted raw spoonful or baked cookie daily! Ready-to-Eat 30 - Servings S I G N A T U R E I T E M www.C l ubsCho i ceFund r a i s i ng . com EXPLORE MORE ONLINE Supporters may order and pay online with easy pay See your parent letter for dates, details and to “Join” The Clubhouse! Step 3 Shop, Order and Pa y Step 1 Text “PAYNOW” to 74590 or Visit Website or Scan QR Code Step 2 Enter Group Code from Parent Lette r Write your group code above for your supporters' convenience. Choco-Chippy Cookie Dough (Masa de galleta de chocolate blanco de arándano) Enjoy a delicious nutrient-boosted scoop of raw dough or a baked cookie daily! So you ask, What’s in the “boost”? Zinc – which is critical for immune cell development and function. Nearly 100 different enzymes in the body depend on Zinc, plus it supports growth throughout childhood. Our patent-pending TurmiZn TM is a complex mix of Tetrahydrocurcumin, Zinc, and Curcumin which reduces harmful oxidative stress in the body and improves absorption of nutrients. (1.5 lb. tub; approximately 30 servings) TF23F 319 $ Unpriced

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