Today's Favorites

S I G N A T U R E I T E M S I G N A T U R E I T E M 02 | pay Text “PAYNOW” to 74590 (enter School Code on parent letter) to Make a Secure Payment for Your Web Order or Donation! Ready to Bake ® S I G N A T U R E I T E M SINCE 1984 MADE FOR YOU FROM OUR FAMILY RECIPE 330 Cheesy Garlic Bread $ (Pan de ajo con queso) A blend of four cheeses, buttery garlic sauce, and tender Italian bread will satisfy the hungriest appetite. Pair with an Italian dish or enjoy as a snack. (2/pkg, 13 oz) 336 Chicken Alfredo Bread $ (Pan de pollo alfredo) Try this combination of chicken and a creamy Alfredo sauce on Italianbread for an exciting taste. (2/pkg, 14.78 oz) 739 Italian Dunkers $ (Pan de pizza y queso con salsa marinara) Thin and cheesy game day finger food. Cut into wedges and serve with zesty marinara sauce (included) (19 oz)

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