Popcorn Connoisseur

PREMIER FLAVORS 2359 " $18.00 CHEDDAR & CARAMEL (Corn mezclado con Cheddar Popcorn Caramel) Sweet? Salty? Choice of both... Chicago Style caramel popcorn mixed with Cheddar Cheese popcorn. One gallon resealable bag! 2366 " $18.00 CHEDDAR (Cheddar palomitas) Our light and fluffy corn and delicious cheddar cheese gives that perfect salty bite. One gallon resealable bag! 2363 " $21.00 GOURMET CARAMEL (Caramelo de gourmet revistió esquites) Hand-crafted caramel over popcorn makes a sweet and delicious treat. One gallon resealable bag! Indulge in these sophisticated, refined and sensational snacks worthy of life's everyday celebrations! Sweet, salty and sensational premier flavors in 1 gallon bags. Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Popcorn! 2069 " $23.00 CARAMEL & ALMONDS (Caramelo de gourmet revistió esquites) Popcorn and almonds generously coated in buttery caramel. One gallon resealable bag! 2355 " $21.00 WHITE CHEDDAR (Cheddar blanco palomitas) Tender popcorn with white cheddar cheese. One gallon resealable bag! 2078 " $17.00 CHEDDAR RANCH (Palomitas de maiz de queso y racho) Crunchy cheddar popcorn with ranch seasoning make a real zippy snack. One gallon resealable bag! PC22F

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