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2212 $ P I C K Q U I C K OR E X P L 0 R E W E B S T O R E Shop Kitchen Essentials 02 2832 Half-moon Mezzaluna (Mezzaluna con estuche) This kitchen essential is designed in a half-moon shape to create a swift rocking motion as you rock to chop foods in a bowl or on a flat surface. Stainless steel with protective shield . (6”) 2212 Hover Cover (Revestimiento magnético y plegable para microondas para no salpicar) This innovative splatter shield features built-in steam vents and polymer-encased magnets to secure it to microwave roof. BPA Free . (3.75 H x 11" D) Fits most microwaves. ; High Quality Materials ; Great Gadgets ; Unique, Useful & Fun From glass mixing bowls and stainless-steel cutlery to functional and fun gadgets…. there’s something here for you! Shop with confidence for useful utensils and things you will LOVE for your kitchen! Pick quick or visit our webstore for hundreds additional choices! Kitchen Essentials 2832 $ STORE IN USE Magnetic Collapsible Microwave Splatter Prevention Shield STEAM VENTS heat food evenly SAFE & POWERFUL MAGNET allows you to store cover on microwave ceiling FUNDRAISING MADE EASY | pay Text “PAYNOW” to 74590 (enter School Code on parent letter) to Make a Secure Payment for Your Web Order or Donation! Attaches to the center or side of most microwave oven ceilings!

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