ONLY AVAILABLE HERE unpriced BF22F www.C l ubsCho i ceFund r a i s i ng . com Thank You for Your Support! See parent letter for important dates, details and to “Join” The Clubhouse! Ingredients and nutrition facts for all products are available online. 319 Choco-Chippy Cookie Dough (Masa de galleta de chocolate blanco de arándano) Enjoy a delicious nutrient boosted scoop of raw dough or a baked cookie daily! So you ask, What's in the “boost”? Zinc – which is critical for immune cell development and function. Nearly 100 different enzymes in the body depend on Zinc, plus it supports growth throughout childhood. Our patent pending TurmiZn TM is a complex mix of Tetrahydrocurcumin, Zinc and Curcumin which reduces harmful oxidative stress in the body and improves absorption of nutrients. (1.5 lb. tub; 30 servings) Enjoy a nutrient boosted raw spoonful or baked cookie daily! Ready-to-Eat TM

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