8 AIN20S Cherry Tomato Hanging | Seed Kit Juego Colgante de Tomatillos Our Babylon Bag turns any sunny wall or fence into a place to grow tomatoes! The lush, hanging foliage is decorative through summer, and then you harvest ripe cherry tomatoes for salads or snacking. $10.00 Full Sun Strawberry Hanging | 1 Kit (10 Plants) Juego Colgante de Fresas Enjoy as a garden accent, and as a source of sweet, sun-ripened berries. $23.00 Full Sun Two Shade-loving Saddlebag (Mixed Coleus & Shady Annual) | 2 Seed Kits Mezcla de Cóleos (Solenostemon) y Semillas Amantes de Sombra-Dos Alforjas This set contains two saddlebags: Mixed Coleus and Mixed Annual seeds for a beautiful combination of shade loving plants. $16.00 Partial Shade Combo Get both and save! Hanging Cherry Tomato Kit and Hanging Strawberry Kit. Includes two hanging bags with rope, tomato seeds and 10 strawberry plants. $30.00 Full Sun Butterfly Saddlebag | Seed Kit Alforja Kit de semillas para mariposas Attract multitudes of butterflies with this colorful blend of annuals for quick, long lasting color. $10.00 Full Sun 6042 5940 6042 5945 5941 5940 5941 5943 5945

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