8 AIN20S Cherry Tomato Hanging | Seed Kit Juego Colgante de Tomatillos Our Babylon Bag turns any sunny wall or fence into a place to grow tomatoes! The lush, hanging foliage is decorative through summer, and then you harvest ripe cherry tomatoes for salads or snacking. Full Sun Strawberry Hanging | 1 Kit (10 Plants) Juego Colgante de Fresas Enjoy as a garden accent, and as a source of sweet, sun-ripened berries. Full Sun Two Shade-loving Saddlebag (Mixed Coleus & Shady Annual) | 2 Seed Kits Mezcla de Cóleos (Solenostemon) y Semillas Amantes de Sombra-Dos Alforjas This set contains two saddlebags: Mixed Coleus and Mixed Annual seeds for a beautiful combination of shade loving plants. Partial Shade Combo Get both and save! Hanging Cherry Tomato Kit and Hanging Strawberry Kit. Includes two hanging bags with rope, tomato seeds and 10 strawberry plants. Full Sun Butterfly Saddlebag | Seed Kit Alforja Kit de semillas para mariposas Attract multitudes of butterflies with this colorful blend of annuals for quick, long lasting color. Full Sun 6042 5940 6042 5945 5941 5940 5941 6059 5945

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